YFKtest Linux/Unix Contest Logger
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YFKtest Version 0.0.10 - Ham Radio Contest logger by Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK ,
Bob Finch, W9YA , David Quental, CT1DRB ,
and Wes Hardaker, WS6Z

1. Project description
YFKtest is a logbook program for ham radio contests [1]. It supports many
popular contests and is easily extendable to log and score arbitrary contests.
[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contesting

See docs/MANUAL for a short description of the basic functionalities and keys.
See docs/Ubuntu.how.to.txt for a step by step install guide for using with Ubuntu.

2. Project website
The latest version can be found at: http://fkurz.net/ham/yfktest.html

Version 0.0.10 IS the SVN version and:

*** Note: The above website may indicate otherwise yet it is *strongly*
suggested/encouraged that you download the SVN version. It has numerous bug
fixes and a boatload of new features. Many of the newer def files are designed
to use these newer features and may not work right with the older releases.
There is really no good reason to use anything other than the SVN version.

3. System requirements
YFKtest *was* developed and tested under Debian Etch and FreeBSD 5. It's
programmed in Perl 5 and requires the following modules:

**** (Ubuntu install info is in the docs/Ubuntu.how.to.txt file. <- This
IS the current development platform. Some additional testing is done on

- strict
- Curses
- IO::Socket::INET

Optional: winkeydaemon.pl, Hamlib (Currently cwdaemon is not supported.)

IO::Socket::Inet, (and possibly Curses & strict,) might not be a part of your
standard distribution of Perl. These should be available through your system's
package manager.

(*** Note that IF you are running SuSe-Linux you might also need
Working::Daemon. A special version of winkeydaemon.pl has been modified for
this called winkeydaemon.pl_suse_snafu .)

yfktest was designed to run in a console window with 80x24 characters.

5. Installation
If you are reading this after downloading the files that is all the
installation that is recommended. You simply run the program from the directory
you downloaded to.

See docs/ARRL-FD-HOW-TO.txt for instructions on setting up and using yfktest
with Ubuntu Linux. Version 10.10 and 11.10 have been tested. Later versions
should work as well and possibly earlier versions that are not too old.

The docs/FAQ-NEW-INFO file contains info that may help you use the latest
features. If it's brand new to the package, the documentation will in this
file before anywhere else.

NOTE: *** Installation with the makefile in misc/ is not needed and certainly
not recommended for personal use. (i.e. None of the contributors are running
the makefile install ! .... Using yfktest with such "packaging" has not been
tested on the latest svn code as a result. See docs/INSTALL and the misc/
directory for more info if you just gotta try a "makefile install".)

6. Future plans
Addition of (all) popular HF contests. Networking. DX cluster + Bandmap.

Please see the docs/TODO file if you would like to contribute to any ongoing

7. Acknowledgements
YFKtest uses cty.dat by AD1C: http://country-files.com/
and master.scp by K5ZD: http://www.k5zd.com/
and winkeydaemon by PA0R: original and modifed version are
included in the yfktest svn code base

8. Contact
Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net> OR Bob Finch <w9ya@amsat.org>

Further contact details can be found at: http://fkurz.net/

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