Things not related to my main projects

Updated 11 hours ago

Fork of WsprryPi with added functionality to transmit QRSS

Updated 2 weeks ago

KiCad Layout 0 0

Elecraft K2 IF Buffer Amplifier designed by Clifton Laboratories

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 10 months ago

Access the SKCC Sked Page with any IRC client!

Updated 1 year ago

Data repository for

Updated 2 hours ago

JavaScript 0 0

JavaScript Morse Code generator library (Web Audio API)

Updated 5 months ago

DX cluster server, mainly meant for serving RBN spots (read-only)

Updated 10 months ago

Learn CW Online

Updated 2 weeks ago

CWops Award Tools

Updated 4 weeks ago

Perl 0 0

Super simple work tracker.

Updated 5 years ago

YFKtest Linux/Unix Contest Logger

Updated 5 months ago club spotter

Updated 6 days ago

GUI for ebook2cw

Updated 5 years ago

Convert ebooks to Morse MP3s/OGGs:

Updated 6 months ago

YFKlog Perl Ham Radio logger:

Updated 2 months ago

"misc" repository from for historic reasons...

Updated 5 years ago

Morse code mail notifier:

Updated 5 years ago

dxcc lookup utility.

Updated 4 years ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Build environment (Docker) for qrq, ebook2cw, etc.

Updated 5 years ago