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2019-Sep-08: Version 0.6.0
- Bandmap: Perform all screen updates in the main thread (avoid display problems
with Curses which is not thread safe)
- Add "classic" DX cluster mode (linear display of all spots)
- Allow interactive use of the DX cluster (DX cluster menu item)
- Accessibility: Add option (on by default) to show the cursor in the terminal
permanently ("cursoron" in the config file), helping users with screen
2019-Jul-31: Version 0.5.0
- LoTW download: Show list of confirmed contacts after import.
- Usability: Flush keyboard input buffer frequently during blocking operations
(e.g. scrolling) to avoid unexpected behaviour (such as further scrolling
after PgUp/Dwn was released)
- Include a minimal DX cluster / bandmap tool.
- Support for terminal window sizes beyond 80x25. Additional vertical size
allows to show more QSOs in the log, horizontal size will be used for the
bandmap / DX cluster (if configured)
- Include docs in the release tarball and install it to share/doc/yfklog
- Remove GNUisms from Makefile (tnx KC3NTG)
2019-Jun-30: Version 0.4.0
- Many small improvements contributed over the years, mostly by DF6FR and CT1DRB
- Add support for LoTW upload and download directy from YFKlog (requires tqsl)
- Update dxcc algorithm to handle "new" style country files (with full calls
marked with a =).
2008-Jan-31: Version 0.3.5
- Remote logging from fldigi; uses the same interface as Xlog.
- Custom award statistics. See manual for details.
- Sort order of the log- and the previous-QSO-field now customized by "logsort"
and "prevsort" values.
- Added an option "askme"; when set to nonzero value, you're warned/asked if
you leave the log mode or clear a QSO without saving it.
- An error message is displayed when a QSO cannot be saved, giving the reason
for the failure.
- F6 in the logging mode opens a $browser (as specified in the config file)
for a QRZ.com call lookup.
- Small improvements in the Edit mode.
- A little "hardening" of the ADIF import.
- Updated to the latest version of AD1C's cty.dat country file.
2007-Oct-23: Version 0.3.4
- Removed bug that caused a crash during the Xplanet marker file generation.
- The entry field in the Setup for the SQL server didn't accept dots. Fixed.
- QSL-label PDF file now saved in the proper directory as set in the config
file, not in /tmp/.
2007-Oct-22: Version 0.3.3
- Reading LOTW reports failed for QSOs on 70cm and higher, fixed.
- Major cleanup of key-handling functions. Saved 200 lines and made it faster
and more readable.
- Date, time, band, mode, rst, qsl fields in the main entry form are in
overwrite mode now.
- Cursor-Down now also goes to the following field (additional to Tab, Enter
and Space), Shift-Tab to the previous (additional to Cursor-Up).
2007-Oct-20: Version 0.3.2
- Moved configuration file to ~/.yfklog/config
- Added a complete config menu, from which almost all settings in the config
file ~/.yfklog/config can be edited.
- Database (when using sqlite, recommended) now stored in ~/.yfklog/[DBname]
- Now comes with a Makefile, which installs YFKlog system wide if wanted.
- The (tab)order of the fields in the entry mask can now be freely defined,
see 'fieldorder' in ~/.yfklog/config
- Improved sanity checks for several values (Callsign) during ADIF import.
Callsigns like 'DJ 1 YFK' are now automatically corrected to 'DJ1YFK'.
- No more division by zero for stations with distance of 0 (tnx EA8BVP)
2007-Aug-27: Version 0.3.1
- Bugfix: Logbook table upgrade failed under certain circumstances when using
MySQL. SQLite unaffected.
2007-Aug-07: Version 0.3.0
- SQLite3 support! YFKlog can now run with a SQLite database instead of MySQL.
To use SQLite, set dbserver=sqlite in the config file '.yfklog'.
2007-Aug-06: Version 0.2.5
- Added two database fields, GRID (to store a gridsquare in either 4- or
6-letter format) and OPERATOR (to save who made a QSO). For the latter, a new
variable (operator=DJ1YFK) can optionally be set in the config file.
While logging, enter gridsquares in the remarks field: GRID:JO61UA
Operator information is entered in the same manner: OPERATOR:DJ1YFK and will
be used for all following QSOs.
- Added VUCC/GRID to the award scorings.
- Querying the frequency and mode via hamlib can now be done
automatically for every new QSO, by setting autoqueryrig=1 in the config
- Finally wrote some more detailled documentation. Under permanent
construction: http://fkurz.net/ham/yfklog/doc/
2007-Aug-02: Version 0.2.4
- NEW FEATURE: Export of a marker-file to be used with 'xplanet'. Shows all
current DXCC entities in different colors: Red = not worked, Yellow = Worked
but not confirmed, Green = Confirmed.
Example: http://dl0tud.tu-dresden.de/~dj1yfk/xplanet.png
- Minor improvements and bugfixes
2007-Jul-20: Version 0.2.3
- NEW FEATURE: LOTW Import and Export. See 'MANUAL' for details. LOTW QSLs are
considered for award purposes, with both a summary of paper-only and
LOTW-only confirmations and a combined score.
- NEW FEATURE: At startup, automatically check for the existance of the
neccessary database. If they do not exist, create them. If they are from a
previous version of YFKlog, update them to the latest. This makes the
installation a lot easier and more comfortable.
- IMPROVEMENT: Functions to determine DXCC from a callsign mostly rewritten and
significantly faster (x 20) now.
- IMPROVEMENT: New field added for label printing: QSLR. Says 'TNX' if QSL was
received, 'PSE' when QSL for this QSO is missing.
- IMPROVEMENT: Added 'hamlibparam' to the config file for additional
hamlib/rigctl parameters
- IMPROVEMENT: When working a station, show if the DXCC is worked/confirmed
already on all bands defined by 'awardbands' in the config file.
Output like: "10C 12W 15C 17W 20C 30W 40C 80W"
- IMPROVEMENT: When working a station, it's now also possible to check for this
callsign in any other logbooks, as set by the 'checklogs' variable in the
config file.
- IMPROVEMENT: Possibility to specify a date range for ADIF-export.
- BUG FIX: QSL printing doesn't start at label -1 anymore...
- BUG FIX: Problems with / in $mycall resolved for label printing.
2007-Apr-28: Version 0.2.2
- NEW FEATURE: Hamlib support. See 'MANUAL' for details.
- IMPROVEMENT: Changed REGEX for callsign recognition, now calls like RV0AL/0/P
are not causing problems anymore.
- IMPROVEMENT: Cleaned up SQL syntax. No more problems with MySQL5.
- IMPROVEMENT: ADIF-Import works with files that have DOS-linebreaks now, also
uppercase file extensions (ADI) are now recognized.
- IMPROVEMENT: 47 GHz and up are now given in millimeters (instead of 0.x cm)
on the QSL labels
- IMPROVEMENT: Added a new 'QSO / Mode' statistics function.
- IMPROVEMENT: Another QSL label definition for 70x36 (dm7a.lab) as used for
thousands of contest cards at DM7A...
- BUGFIX: For some awards/statistics, the date range was ignored. Fixed.
- BUGFIX: When creating a new log, and the callsign contained a '/', the
$mycall variable was faulty and caused YFKlog to crash. Fixed.
- BUGFIX: HTML-Output for DXCC, WPX awards etc had a minor bug for 2m only.
2006-Apr-16: Version 0.2.1
- NEW FEATURE: Band data now also allows the higher UHF bands like 70cm etc
(enter as 0.7, 0.23...). This required a change in the database structure.
- NEW FEATURE: Different screen layouts available for the main screen. See
variable "screenlayout" in .yfklog.
- ADIF-Import: Field 'gridsquare' added to remarks field, if it exists. (tnx
- BUGFIX: ADIF-Import: Fields containing a ' produced errors. Fixed.
- BUGFIX: Callsigns like DJ1YFK/123 were not properly recognized.
- BUGFIX: Invalid callsigns (like QQ0XX) don't produce ugly warning messages
- BUGFIX: When editing a previous QSO, with another QTH/Name than saved in the
database, the QTH/Name was overwritten in the edit-window. Fixed.
- IMPROVEMENT: Changed several REGEXP SQL statements to LIKE, which
increases the speed.
- IMPROVEMENT: ADIF import speed increased by the factor of 3..10.
- IMPROVEMENT: Bands for awards can be specified in the config file .yfklog
using "awardbands=....". (see sample config file)
- IMPROVEMENT: Several cosmetic changes to the award and statistic fuctions.
2005-Dec-28: Version 0.2.0
- BUGFIX: ADIF export: the band fieldlength was one too short. eg. <band:2>20m
- BUGFIX: ADIF import: Fieldlength 0 didn't work.
- BUGFIX: ADIF import: <eoh>/<eor> was errornously case sensitive.
- BUGFIX: ADIF import: integer MHz frequencies didn't work, always required
decimal separator (e.g. "14.000").
- BUGFIX: CALL/A became Prefix A0 and no DXCC.
- BUGFIX: Different calls with the same QSL-Manager were printed on one card!
e.g.: 8Q7ZZ via G3SWH and 5R8GZ via G3SWH ended up on one card with
8Q7ZZ in the "To:" field. Fixed this temporarily, for the cost of
not sorting after the manager's call. Might be changed in future
versions... (tnx info DL3DTH)
- BUGFIX: Name/QTH database update for ADIF import added whole calls
(including /P etc) to the database instead of the basic call
(DJ1YFK, AD5UR..) only. Also it tried to add nonexisting fields
(name/qth) when only one of them was known.
- BUGFIX: cty.dat includes WAE countries (IG9, IT9, 4U1V, GM/s, IG9, IT9,
JW/b, TA1) which are *not* DXCCs. Those are now hardcoded into
yfklog (dxcc sub) to be changed to the proper DXCC. Since they are
not likely to change in the future, I decided to take this easy
Those DXCCs started with a "*" (*TA1 etc) and are easily filtered
A similar problem occurs with DXCCs that have more than 4 letters,
for example VP8/h. The field for DXCC is only 4 chars long, and
somehow I forgot to remove the "/". This is now also fixed.
Unfortunately in an exisiting database from yfklog-0.1.0, the WAEs
are already counted as new DXCCs, and some DXCCs might be lost
because of the "/". There is a script "yfk-fixdxcc.pl"
distributed with yfklog-0.2.0 which fixes these problems.
- BUGFIX: Direction of the other station was wrong ("mirrored").
(more statistics can easily be added. Don't hesitate to ask me
for any additions!). See manual for details.
- NEW FEATURE: In the input form, CURSOR UP goes to the previous field. No
more need to cycle through all fields to get to the previous
- NEW FEATURE: After entering a call in "Logging Mode", "New Bandpoint" or
"New DXCC" is displayed if appropriate.
- NEW FEATURE: In the "QSL-Receive" mode, pressing "s" toggles the "QSL-Sent"
flag of the QSO, which is useful when you are only replying
to incoming QSLs.
- NEW FEATURE: Simple editor for Name/QTH-Database.
2005-May-18: Initial release