YFKlog Perl Ham Radio logger: https://fkurz.net/ham/yfklog.html
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YFKlog Version 0.3.6 - A general purpose Ham Radio Logbook  

1. Project Description
YFKlog is a general purpose logbook to keep track of amateur
radio contacts. This is Version 0.3.6, released on 23. October 2007.
The key characteristics are:

- Console based, bloat-free text interface.
- database backend: MySQL or SQLite3 (recommended)
- Unlimited number of logs manageable
- ADIF Import/Export
- High Quality QSL label printing with LaTeX
- basic award functions plus statistics (DXCC, WAZ, WPX etc).
- uses K1EA's cty.dat
- Hamlib support to get frequency/mode from rig
- basic LOTW import/export support.

2. Project Website, Documentation
The latest version can be found at: http://fkurz.net/ham/yfklog.html

A manual describing most functions of YFKlog is located at:

3. System requirements
YFKlog was developed on Mandrake Linux 9.2, Debian Sarge
and FreeBSD 5.3 with Perl v5.8.5.

It requires the Perl modules:
(- strict)
- DBI - Database
- Curses - console screen handling
- Net::FTP - upload of searchable onlinelog
- POSIX - acos() function for distance and direction
- Hamlib - optional for Hamlib.

The database can either be SQLite3 or MySQL. SQLite is probably the better
and easier choice for most users. See 'INSTALL' and the manual for hints to set
up YFKlog.

For generating QSL-labels, pdflatex with the 'geometry' package is

YFKlog was designed to run in a console with 80x24 characters.

5. Installation


6. Update from older version

If you have any suggestions, feature requests etc, don't hesitate a
moment and send me a mail (mail@fkurz.net) or contact me via ICQ (169955833).