63 Commits (8ff1412fcfb6fcdfc5e9a96fbdafb6eaafd033be)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael Clemens 6721cd0139 fixed hamlib related things: 3 years ago
Michael Clemens 3b040b1db7 1. Added qrz.com lookups during log entry mode for the fields 3 years ago
Fabian Kurz f1a3c5a5a1 ADIF import: Handle 60m, 4m frequencies 3 years ago
Fabian Kurz 47da7436f5 Improve WSJT ADIF import (negative reports, grid squares) and allow vi (jk) key binding for navigation where applicable 3 years ago
Fabian Kurz d0e8e29ae4 bandmap: highlight calls in bandmap which are not in log yet 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz e12cfba425 [yfklog#2] LoTW export by date: Only set LoTW sent flag for exported QSOs 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz b8e73c335b xvfb-run: use -a option to avoid clashes with other xvfb-run instances 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz f90e64739c properly suppress $browser stderr/stdout 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 018dab763e bandmap: highlight new spots (bold) 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz d660db0c7e lotw: fix export/upload for calls with a slash 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 050b407b7c YFKlog 0.6.0 release 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 0e86528a32 accesibility feature: config option "cursoron" forces the cursor to be visible all the time, and places the cursor in the currently active line in menus/selection boxes etc.. 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz c72c8a6a2e fix finding lotw stations locations 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz cd34442346 DX cluster/bandmap: add "normal" telnet mode, and allow to enter telnet commands (some work to do) 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 381b74c834 do an empty database query every 5 minutes to avoid the database closing the socket. 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz daf3875d8d bandmap: perform all screen updates from main thread 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz e518a2db2c Minor updates for 0.5.0 release. 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 11ec867d69 Bandmap: Use host/port/login from config file (if any). Flexible number of bandmap columns. 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz c92cbacb2b more work on bandmap feature 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz a4b4e62ab2 Remove debug messages. 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 2a8cfe27f2 Add RBN bandmap (very experimental...) 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 839615bd48 Replace tabs with 4 spaces. 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz c19507f8fb create windows in separate function; flush key buffer where needed 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 846b7a29dd allow arbitrary vertical window size 4 years ago
Fabian Kurz 822c2c9549 lotwimport: show summary of imported QSOs 5 years ago
Fabian Kurz 9b3bcb8327 LoTW: Download report directly from lotw.arrl.org. Update DXCC stuff. Prepare for release 0.4.0 5 years ago
Fabian Kurz 035224f393 don't produce a warning on prefixes longer than 5 characters 5 years ago
Fabian Kurz 13d563b9aa LoTW: Automatic upload with tqsl. 5 years ago
Fabian Kurz bcaa856f28 Add simple serial number handling for casual contesting. 8 years ago
Fabian Kurz 32d3cf98f5 Fix sorting by QSL manager 9 years ago
EI7IG 9d089d9dd7 Updated yfksubs 12 years ago
DF6FR 6d80f5ad35 Added date range selection for QSL printing. 13 years ago
DF6FR 798d0a53bd added OPERATOR substitution to preparelabels 14 years ago
DF6FR 0aa57d725a Corrected number for CQZ in . 14 years ago
DF6FR 5a916c6240 ADIF import, actively ignore freq_rx tag. 14 years ago
DF6FR d175ef1a46 Added ORIENTATION to label headers. Possibilities are portrait and landscape, if none is chosen portrait is the default. Using landscape you can print four QSL cards on one sheet of A4 paper. 14 years ago
DF6FR 51239ccc46 Makes qsl info uppercase if entered otherwise. 14 years ago
DF6FR 34286e4932 Change of QSL-Info possible if QSO chosen from log window. 14 years ago
DF6FR 42cd1168ea Fixed minor bug in selectlist (go to end of list). 14 years ago
DF6FR a674f069a4 Added Home/End key to editw and readw. 14 years ago
DF6FR 1d22f01426 Fixed major bug in cursor position recovery. Now using new variable posnr instead of editnr. 14 years ago
DF6FR 86c334abf5 Taught Search&Edit to remember cursor position and to use home/end keys. 14 years ago
DF6FR 4c3dc17b3d Fixed possible variable name confusion with status. Added start/end wrap to selectlist. Added home/end keys to selectlist and askbox. 14 years ago
DF6FR 3d457e2294 Added awardmodes to awards, statistics and xplanet. Made HTML output look fancier. 14 years ago
DF6FR c223cc2938 corrected lookup for qrz.com, /CS is no more available 14 years ago
DF6FR 205dc5f96b added TXPOWER substitution to preparelabels 15 years ago
DF6FR 3b0e90b911 Added GRIDSQUARE to ADIF export, if applicable. 15 years ago
OH1FJV 18c505db93 Fixed the drop clause used when removing a logbook. 15 years ago
DF6FR c2e7cc9c00 Added floating input fields to edit window as well (in editw()). Fixed F1 key, which I broke with last revision. Added double-escape function for F3 in getch2(). Fixed typo in Additional QSO details. Fixed mysterious bug in xplanet: had to shift cty.dat fields to the right. 15 years ago
DF6FR 5c74fe26db made floating input fields for full string length 15 years ago