YFKlog Perl Ham Radio logger: https://fkurz.net/ham/yfklog.html
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Thanks to the following people (in alphabetic order) who helped me with the
development of YFKlog in one way or another; by sending bug reports,
suggestions, comments, etc.
Baltasar, EA8BVP
Brendan, EI6IZ
Chris, KC2RGW
Chris, KL9A
Corny, DF6FR
David, CT1DRB
Diane, VA3DB
Gerald, DO7GG
Helmut, ES6CO
Joe, K1GPL
John, EI7IG
Justin, KC3NTG
Marko, 9A8MM
Olli, DH2WQ
Philippe, F5IYJ
Ralph, DL1HR
Steve, KD5OWO
Wes, WS6Z