dxcc lookup utility. https://fkurz.net/ham/dxcc.html
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20191204 / 2019-12-04 Fabian Kurz <fabian@fkurz.net>
* Handle /A like /P or /M (i.e. don't consider it relevant for the DXCC)
* Update to latest Big CTY by AD1C (Version 2019-11-20 / 9M6)
20190309 / 2019-03-09 Fabian Kurz <fabian@fkurz.net>
* Update to latest cty.dat
* Handle "full" calls in cty.dat (=)
* Makefile (dist) now puts the date into the generated files
20080225 / 2008-02-25 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Update to latest cty.dat file
* Added -m command line option to set own DXCC for direction/distance
20071210 / 2007-12-10 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Another little fix to the font settings. Displayed font should now be
fixed and not depend on any system wide settings anymore.
20071205 / 2007-12-05 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Updated to latest cty.dat (VER20071121)
* Minor change of GUI font setting
20071027 / 2007-10-27 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Finding Tk.pm failed. Fixed.
20071026 / 2007-10-26 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Yet another update to the latest country file.
* Added an optional Perl/Tk GUI. Invoking with the -g flag on the command
line will start the GUI which features a world map which shows the location
of the DXCC.
20071023 / 2007-10-23 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Updated to latest country file (20071023).
20070814 / 2007-08-14 Fabian Kurz <mail@fkurz.net>
* Updated to latest country file (20070810), which includes the new prefix
for Bosnia, E7.