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<title> - Informationen zum Datenschutz / Data Privacy and Security Information</title>
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<h1>Impressum - Kontakt</h1>
<p> Diese Webseite wird betrieben von / This website is operated by</p>
<p>Fabian Kurz, DJ5CW<br>
Frohschammerstr. 8<br>
D-80807 München<br>
phone: +49 89 5457 8182
mail: <a href=""></a>
<h1>Data Privacy and Security Information</h1>
<p>Dear visitor,<br>this site summarizes the data privacy and security aspects of using this website.
Note that all data is processed and stored in accordance with German data privacy laws.</p>
<p>The sole purpose of this website is to help members of the CW Operators' Club in attaining the <a href="">awards of the club</a>.
<h2>Personal data</h2>
<li>Accepting this privacy policy is required to create an account on this site.</li>
<li>There are <strong>no third parties</strong> involved when you visit this website. Neither by embedding any assets (scripts, images, ...) from other domains, nor by sharing any data that was generated during your visit with anyone else.</li>
<li>This website only uses <strong>a session cookie</strong> with the sole
purpose of recognising an user during his visit on the website, to ensure
that after logging in he can access his saved preferences and training
results. <strong>The cookie is deleted when the user logs out.</strong></li>
<li>Only the following pieces of personal data are securely stored in the server logs, accessible by the operator.
<li>Date, time of the access</li>
<li>IP address of the accessing computer</li>
<li>The exact URL (address) of the request</li>
<li>The referrer URL (e.g. where did the user come from)</li>
<li>The user's browser identification string</li>
<li>The data mentioned above is stored in order to ensure safe operation (intrusion detection, abuse prevention) and to generate anonymised statistics. Logs are stored for a maximum period of 30 days and irrevocably erased after this time. No data is shared with third parties.</li>
<li><strong>Additional data saved during your visit as a logged in user is described in detail in
the following paragraph.</strong></li>
<li>The server location is Germany.</li>
<li>This site can be accessed through an encrypted channel (https).</li>
<li>If you send an email to the operator, this mail including its headers will be archived indefinitely, but only accessible by the site operator.
If you don't want this, let us know in the mail.</li>
<h2>User generated data</h2>
Users of the site generate data by uploading their amateur radio logs, which are (in part) saved in a database.
The exact data is detailled in the following paragraph, along with how long it
is saved and the visibility. <strong>The data is collected for the sole purpose
of calculating points for awards and to create fully anonymized statistics.</strong>
<li><strong>Creating an account:</strong> Only an username (can be an anonymous
pseudonym) and a password are required. An email address can be voluntarily
entered and it will only be used to recover a lost password.<br>
<strong>Data storage duration:</strong> Until user change data or
deletes their account. <br>
<strong>Visibility:</strong> Only to site administrators. Not public.</li>
<li><strong>On each login:</strong> Account and time of the login.<br>
<strong>Data storage duration:</strong> 10 minutes after the last
activity on the site.<br>
<strong>Visibility:</strong> Site administrator only.</li>
<li><strong>Uploading ADIF/CAM/CBR logs:</strong> The uploaded data will be filtered
for relevant data, and for each record uploaded, at maximum the callsign,
date, frequency/band, DXCC, zone, state and WAE will be saved to the database.
Additionally a summary of the upload will be saved for later review by the user.<br>
<strong>Data storage duration:</strong> Until deleted by user or deletion of account.<br>
<strong>Visibility:</strong> Only to the user and site administrator.</li>
<li><strong>Award statistics:</strong> The statistics generated from the user uploads are saved in a separate database table.
They consist of the user's account name, and their scores for the various awards (5 numbers for ACA, CMA, WAS, WAZ and WAE).
<strong>Data storage duration:</strong> Until deleted by user or deletion of account.<br>
<strong>Visibility:</strong> Public.</li>
<li><strong>Any other data:</strong> Any other data not mentioned is always
handled with the utmost care and by the priciple of minimizing
<p>Users will only receive electronic mail from the site under the following
<li>When a password-reset was requested.</li>
<li>Important administrative announcements regarding the site (strictly no advertising, etc.)</li>
<p>The operator of the site always technically has full access to <strong>all data</strong>
but will only make use of this privilege when absolutely necessary, e.g. to
fend off cyber attacks, investigate abusive behaviour, or to assist law
enforcement as required by law.</p>
<h2>Disclosure of personal data</h2>
<p>Every user has the right to request a full copy of all personal data saved
on this site about him or her. This can be requested at any time via the
contact information provided (either by email or postal mail).</p>
<h2>Removal of data</h2>
<p>Every user can, at any time, delete his user account, or request the
deletion by contacting the site operator. Upon deletion, all data related to
the user account is immediately deleted, with the possible exception of log
files and backup copies, which will be deleted at latest 30 days later.</p>
<h2>Backup copies</h2>
<p>The site operator creates weekly backups in order to restore the
site in case of a data loss (e.g. by hardware malfunctions). The whole site
will be exported and stored in a safe place, without access of third
<p>If data is deleted in the main site, the information may still exist
in the backups for up to four weeks.</p>
<p>Complaints can be filed with the <a href="">Bayerische Landesbeauftragte
für den Datenschutz</a>.</p>
<p>This website is a strictly private project. There are no commercial interests of any kind.</p>
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